Wow. by Melora Creager

Wow. So a woman I know told me she is the hacker, and she told me some of the other people involved.

I’m in the process of removing/closing/canceling all my accounts, many of which I’d lost control of anyway.

Most important of which is the Rasputina email list. I-can’t-reach-you!


But write to me here:


P.O. Box 532

Claverack, NY 12513


So sad- to wipe my corrupted laptop- to lose all my photographs, of my daughters, backstage at hundreds of shows- gone. Videos I’d made, writing I’d done… Software I’d purchased- Photoshop— do I care? Not really, not about software, not compared to the loss of the photographs. But it’s criminal- really ugly, really violating.


Our computers are like the contents of our brains. Online is one thing- what we choose to share publicly. But the contents of the actual computer? It is the contents of my brain. I’m an artist. I didn’t think anyone was really watching me on the computer itself. I let loose with my wildest ideas, and thought I was safe to do so. That’s how I make songs and albums… That’s how I used to support myself and my family. 


You can order the new album ($30. + $5.s&h US, $15.s&h international), or you can send 5 bucks to be on my P.O. mailing list, or just say hi. It will be fun. The slow way is the better way. Walk to the drugstore or wherever one gets a Money Order these days. I’ll make collaged newsletters. I would love to do house-concerts. I’m a non-profit kind of woman, so just tell me your location and budget. Aside from these hackers, my fans are the sweetest, smartest people- and that’s no hyperbole. 

  It’s been so frustrating not being able to communicate. 

  No digital nothin’! All original, all the time!